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Silver in the World Golf Meet goes to Nihaal Cheema

<p>Nihaal Cheema, age six, won silver in the World Junior Golf Championship in Marbella, Spain, in 2024. He participated in the boys’ under-7 division. There were three rounds of play, each consisting of thirteen holes.</p>
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<p>Cheema shot 53, 63, and 55 over the three-day competition. His 53 in the last round was the highest score of any player in his division. Gonzalo Bernal Suarez of Spain finished third, while Louie Gou of England took the lead.</p>
<p>Nihaal, a student at Vivek High School in Sector 38, began playing golf at the Chandigarh Golf Club and the Chandigarh Golf Academy when he was two years old.</p>

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